Skull mystery solved


THE skull found in a rubbish container in the centre of Alicante has been traced to a medical student.

Alarms were first raised when a man rummaging around the bins close to the Gran Via area of the city discovered a plastic bag containing the human remains.  The area was cordoned off by police as they undertook a more detailed search of the container while awaiting the arrival of the funeral services that later transferred the skull for forensic analysis.

When the student that was the owner of the skull realised the amount of fuss he had caused, he voluntarily went to the police to explain what had happened.   He has been on a medical course for five years and had asked his university for special access to skeletal remains in local cemeteries to be able to examine them and further his studies.  He’d kept a skull to work on and he simply decided to get rid of it and dumped it into the bin.

The student had all the necessary permissions that enabled him to keep the human skull and that there is no indication whatsoever of any crime being committed in this case. Police added that because of the amount of time the person who the skull belonged to had been dead, the remains are no longer classed as being human.

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