Spanish actress to play key role in new cutting-edge crime drama

Spanish actress to play key role in new cutting-edge crime drama
Myr Garrido

FAMOUS Spanish actress, Myr Garrido, known for her roles in films such as Love and Other Misfortunes (2013), The Sonata of Silence (2016) and more recently Ikaro (2017) is making headlines in Hollywood.

She has just been chosen to play a key supporting role in a new and cutting-edge TV series about crime and espionage called Smoking Gun written by award-winning British writer and producer Sutish Sharma, who previously worked for the BBC.

The role played by Myr is that of a heroic and passionate character named Marie Adelmo, a secret agent working for the Spanish Intelligence services during the 80s; during a covert mission, she uncovers an alliance between the CIA and international drug traffickers.

The series, which is being co-produced by Wanda Halcyon Television, Memphis Writers, New Street Pictures, Un Nouveau Jour, FX International Network and Access Entertainment, follows the FBI’s fictional investigation into the murder of a civil rights activist in Los Angeles during the turbulent eighties.

The case forces the protagonist, a world-weary FBI agent, to travel to Spain and Nicaragua eventually to the door of the Central Intelligence Agency and a connection to drug trafficking in Los Angeles through cartels working in Spain.

“We are very excited about the ‘Smoking Gun’ series and hope to have production underway in October of 2017 and we are delighted to have Myr Garrido in this key female role. She reminds us of a young Meryl Streep,” said Pat Andrew, executive producer of Halcyon and former Aaron Spelling executive.

The production will be shot in Spain, Los Angeles and Warner Brothers Studios.

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