Still enough time to see Michael Bolton in Marbella

Bolton in action
Michael and band on stage Photo Credit: Michael Bolton punto-rosso

MICHAEL BOLTON will be performing at the Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella on August 10 and spared some time to speak to RTN.

The 64-year-old discovered a whole new and far larger audience when he switched from heavier rock to song writing and singing rock ballads in the 1980s.

Apart from penning hits for such diverse artists as Cher and Laura Branigan, he went on to re-interpret many classic soul numbers and has performed the Sinatra songbook.

With 27 albums (plus one as Michael Bolotin, his real name) this very popular singer will have plenty choice when he arrives in Marbella prior to a performance a few days later in Mallorca before returning to the USA.

Tickets which will cost from €35 to €275 for Gold VIP are available from the company website together with details of the other gigs so visit

In your early career you opened for Black Sabbath and auditioned for them as lead singer – are you pleased you didn’t get it now?

That’s actually an urban myth as we call it, or a rumour.  I never auditioned for Black Sabbath or opened for them.  I did meet with Ted Nugent once.  But my focus after my early band BlackJack became on my own solo career.

What made you decide to turn from a hard rock singer into a soft rock/ballad singer?

It was actually a pivotal moment in my life when the president at Columbia Records at the time, Al Teller, called me into his office and shared with me a fascinating story.  He had discovered that all the female secretaries around the company were listening to the demo tapes that I was singing on for the songs I was writing for other artists, like the Pointer Sisters, Joe Cocker, Kenny Rogers, Patti Labelle, and Peabo Bryson.

These were mostly ballads that I’d written and the ladies apparently really liked hearing my voice when it wasn’t covered up by a wall of sound like in the rock productions.  So Teller told me the next album we were going to make together, was going to be made up of songs I was writing but now keeping for myself. Sure enough, that next album became my first score and changed my life.

What is the favourite song you have ever written and why?

That’s like asking me who my favourite child is!  Impossible to answer but I can say that one of the most important songs I have ever written was “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”.  When that single went to #1 for Laura Branigan, it truly solidified me as a coveted songwriter in the industry and then when I later recorded it myself and it not only went to #1 but also earned me my first Grammy for Best Pop Male Vocalist, my whole career as an artist took off.

And what will be the biggest crowd pleaser on August 10 in your opinion?

I don’t want to give it away, but there is a surprise we do for the audience to “When a Man Loves a Woman” and there’s also a beloved aria I perform which always gets a standing ovation.

You have performed alongside some legends like Luciano Pavarotti and Ray Charles – who has inspired you the most?

There really are no words to adequately convey the musical value of these two legends. All I can say is they were and remain heroes of mine and had a tremendous influence on myself as well as so many others. Ray Charles is probably the single most influential artist on me as an artist.

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