Storm hangover brings in consequences

Caption: BARRIER: The faster the plant is taken away, the quicker it returns. Photo credit: Wikimedia

BEACHES in Dénia are continuing to show the aftermath of the storms that ripped through the area.

The council announced that it has already removed almost 1,000 tons of posidonia using 95 trucks carrying 10 tons each.  Additionally, other types of algae, sea weed and rubbish have been washed up on shore and it continued to arrive over the weekend.

Local authorities in Dénia used special cleaning devices to clean up the weed and the debris, and it was only after the initial non-stop cleaning operation came to an end that the magnitude of what was collected was realised.  National Spanish TV even featured the process live on their lunchtime news broadcast.

The posidonia is not an algae but a very important marine plant with an enormous environmental value which works as an effective natural barrier against coastal erosion.

An ongoing problem is the faster the posidonia is being removed, the tides continue to bring more on to the beaches of Marineta Cassiana, ​​Punta dels Molins, and the nearby Punta del Raset.

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