Team Cyclogical meets Spanish legend


by Gary Routledge

IT WAS an early start as I left the shop at 4.30 am accompanied by our apprentice mechanic Harry Morrow, Martyn Stone and Steve Turbo Buckley to travel 700kms to Pamplona in Navarre for the 2018 Pinarello roadshow and the 26th edition Miguel Indurain Sportif.

Even though it was a long journey without any problems and quiet roads we arrived at our hotel safely at 12 noon where we immediately noticed the change in temperature; it was 10 degrees colder up here. We unloaded our bikes and checked in to our rooms then proceeded to the exhibition room where we watched a Pinarello presentation followed by lunch.

We saw the exciting new 2018 Pinarello range in the afternoon and in the evening we all went to Villava, home town of Miguel Indurian, where we enjoyed dinner with the legend who afterwards gave an excellent talk about his life and cycling in general.  We saw the display of bikes that he used when he won the Tour De France on 5 separate occasions, 1991, 92, 93, 94 and 95.

The following day began with an early breakfast at 6am followed by a photo shoot with all the Pinarello dealers in Spain on Pinarello bikes in front of the Team Sky mechanics lorry.

The race started at 8.30am – we were at the front alongside Miguel himself – and the 2000 riders were soon underway. There were many small accidents on route, including one motorcycle carrying a cameraman which collided with and knocked off eight cyclists.

After three hours we returned to the town centre of Vallava where our group of approx. 20 riders sprinted for the line. I finished with Harry in 3 hours and 3 minutes and were 87th and 88th respectively.   Steve Buckely was 150th in 3 hours 13mins  and Martin Stone 331st in  3hours 25mins.

It was so nice to meet Miguel Indurain in person and also get the opportunity to cycle with him on the Saturday morning, he is a really nice guy.  Pinarello did us proud with their commitment to their own road show and to the overall event.

Team Cyclogical meet every Tuesday and Thursday night at 5.30pm and Sunday mornings at 8am and cover between 90 and 120kms at a moderate to fast pace. If your looking to improve your fitness, riding ability and speed and also meet new friends, call Gary on 637 487 377.

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