Terra Mitica incorporates 360-virtual reality

Terra Mitica Titanide
BUCKLE UP: Titanidethrows riders up, down and around at speeds of 100km/h Photo Credit> Terramitticapark.com

BENIDORM theme park Terra Mitica recently added a 360-virtual reality option to one of its attractions, the Titanide ride.

Titanide is an inverted roller coaster that reaches speeds of 100km/h with horizontal and vertical 360º twists and drops of up to 31 metres in height.

This attraction is located in the ​​Grecian area of the park, next to the 5D cinema -Kinetos Temple and the Synkope attraction.

Now, riders have the option to enhance their Titanide experience further with 360-virtual reality glasses – witnessing a battle between the two great Greek gods, Aries and Zeus in the Parthenon temple.

The glasses are fitted with sound to make the experience even more realistic.
The attraction has two different queues – one for riders opting for the traditional Titanide experience and another for riders opting for the 360-virtual reality experience.

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