The enemy within


IT is beyond belief that within 24-hours of the latest terrorist outrages, two in Spain, the Merkel regime warns Libya that they must not obstruct the flow of illegal migrants to the shores of the European Union.

If Britain declared war on Hitler’s Germany in 1939 for taking liberties with border control why aren’t we bringing the current German regime to its knees? Perhaps Tommy Atkins and Antoine should again shoulder arms.

Whilst still reeling with shock at the loss of life in Barcelona and a near similar recurrence in Cambrils, Germany’s Federal government issues a stark warning to the Libyan government to not hinder the flow of migrants to Europe.

It is the practice of EU funded non-government organisations (NGO) to assist people smugglers by intercepting and towing their human cargoes to European ports.

EU governments and George Soros assisted ‘charities’, instead of discouraging Africa’s economic migrants, many radicalised by Islamic teachings, help the migrants to complete their passage to Europe.

The Libyan government, picking up the pieces of NATO’s regime changing fiasco, now want to establish control over their own territorial waters. This is a perfectly reasonable initiative.

Libyan control means that non-Libyan vessels, such as those funded by the EU and George Soros, are no longer allowed to enter Libya’s territorial waters. The NATO deposed Muammar Gadhafi was particularly good at protecting Europe from the refugee tsunami. His navy intercepted migrants and returned them to Africa.

According to Die Welt, the move has infuriated the German government, which has yet to say what action they will take to occupy Libyan waters. Many migrants fleeing poverty use Libya to reach Europe choose the so-called central Mediterranean migration route.

According to European border agency Frontex, the Libya – Europe route saw almost 100,000 illegal border crossings between January and July this year.

Why is it difficult for so many people to connect the refugee and terrorism crisis with American-inspired conflicts that have set the entire Middle East on fire?

There is such a term known as ‘cause and effect’; it is high time that the 508 million misgoverned peoples of the European Union woke up the fact that the enemy is not in Moscow, Pyongyang or Beijing but is lurking malevolently in Washington DC, Berlin and Brussels.

Germany, on this occasion, seems intent on driving the Arab scimitar and African panga deeper into Europa’s back. Is it Hitler’s revenge?

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