Three injured in Calpe bull festival

Caption: NO BULL: Calpe festival claims three victims. Photo credit: YouTube

IN the space of a few days, three people were injured by bulls during the annual ‘Bous al Carrer’ festival in Calpe.

The first incident saw a 37-year-old man suffering a deep goring by one of the bulls and a fractured jaw as the animal pushed him against the specially constructed cages.  In this case, the victim climbed through the metal polls within inches of the bull so he could take a picture on his mobile phone.

In one of the other accidents, a bull managed to get both his horns through the spaces and badly gored one of the spectators in the buttocks as he was lifted.

According to witnesses, the injured man was transferred by ambulance to hospital with injuries from the goring that were described as not being too serious.

On the same night, an albino bull struck and tossed another spectator to the ground.  The young man had climbed onto the stage that is built for the Calpe event to escape the bull, but it followed him up the stairs and attacked him.  He suffered bruises and a torn t-shirt.

The ‘Bous al Carrer’ – literally meaning ‘bulls in the street’ in Catalan Spanish – sees the bulls running through the streets in a different way to what is seen in Pamplona with the spectators kept behind cages, but there is enough space for people to get in and out…and for the animals to get their horns in.

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