Torremolinos beach wars

Sun Beds

SUN BED business owners on Torremolinos’s beaches are at war after it emerged some are exceeding their allotted space to make higher profits.

The average 500 square metre space permitted by law to owners of sun bed businesses is increasingly being surpassed, leading to visits from inspectors and conflict with beach-goers who are finding it ever more difficult to find a place on the beach to sunbathe.

Business owners who do keep to their allocated space, which can house an average of 100 beds, have now voiced their concerns with their council about those who choose to exceed their area with the addition of further beds and table.

Maribel Tocon, the town’s Councillor for Beaches met with dozens of beach workers who complained about the “unfair competition and bad image” irresponsible businesses bring, calling the issue an “invasion.”  Councillor Tocon asked for the “collaboration” of all business owners and promised to meet with the Junta de Andalucia to increase allotted spaces, which some workers have called “insufficient.”

Political party Izquierda Unida (IU) claimed they had received “complaints from some users of La Carihuela beach that it is sometimes difficult not only to walk along the shore but just to be on it.” A spokesman from a coalition of left-leaning parties, David Tejeiro, asked the council’s minority-governing party, PSOE to increase beach inspections “to avoid abuse by a minority of business owners who exceed their areas.”

One business owner commented, the situation “is not positive.  It gives the impression it is impossible to find space to put a towel down in Torremolinos,” adding, “it is damaging to us all.”

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