Veiled threat

Muslim Woman in Veil

A MUSLIM woman in Malaga has complained to the National Police after claiming four people attacked her in the street, ripping off her veil and insulting her.

Malaga’s Prosecutor’s Office has now contacted the police, asking them to investigate the incident, which they believe could be a case of Islamophobia.

The assault occurred at around 8.30pm on CalleRuta de Malaga, in an urbanisation in the city.  The woman said she was looking at a for sale sign when she heard people shouting at her, calling her a “blackberry.”  She claimed the four surrounded her, insulting her saying “go back to your own country,” “you want to impose your laws on us,” and “we’re going to burn you all,” before pushing and spitting on her.

The woman explained one of the people then ripped her veil from her head, which she said caused her a great deal of pain because it is fixed in place with pins.  The victim said she explained to the group she was Spanish, which only increased their hostility.  One of the alleged assailants then produced a lighter, saying, “now we are going to burn you,” according to the woman.

She explained the group only stopped when a married couple with a baby walked passed

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