Wacky Rocky Quiz Night !!

Wacky Rocky Quiz Night !!
Wijesinghe Girls Orphanage Project in Sri Lanka

RAISING Funds for The Wijesinghe Girls Orphanage, Sri Lanka

Well its not often you organise a fund raising quiz and end up doing the the pelvic thrust to Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Show!!! Except, that is, when the quiz mistress is the very kind and supportive Loraine Gostling and the amazing team of adminners from Javea Connect ( Yes, Ondara Shopping Centre is Open today !!)

It was certainly a quiz night with a difference, how come Steve Davis ended up without his underpants on and people were running around with scissors and safety pins ??!! (You’ll have to come to the next WGO quiz night to find out!!)  Many thanks to all, especially  Attie and all her friendly team at The Druids Cave in Moraira, who kindly opened up on a hot summers evening to allow us to cause mayhem and much laughter…. food was super scrummy!

Although not huge in people numbers, the figure raised for the Wijesinghe Girls Orphanage Project in Sri Lanka was a staggering 405 euros. Helen Davis organiser said.

“The money raised from the quiz was earmarked for renovation of the girls classroom, however the following day I had a request from Sampath who manages the project in Sri Lanka, asking us to help provide funds for the fuel for a 3 day trip for the girls. It is the only time, other than school, that they leave the orphanage, to visit Buddhist temples and other places of interest. I am pleased to say we not only paid for the fuel, fruit juices, cookies and a post card souvenir for each girl, there will be enough money left to start the first stage of the classroom work. THANK YOU !

Huge thanks again to Loraine, it was ASTOUNDING, also to my scrummy grandsons, Jake and Ollie for being my helpers on the night and joining in and also to my supportive family who buy crazy amounts of raffle tickets …. only to win and then feel obliged to redonate the prizes …. Bless !!”

Check out ….. www.facebook.com. Performances coming up on 27th and 28th October at Le Senieta in Moraira. Reserve your tickets now!

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