Waits longer than the flight at San Javier Airport

Waits longer than the flight
Tourists unhappy at the lack of transport links

PASSENGERS arriving at a Costa Blanca airport have been queuing for over an hour for a taxi.

As the busy tourist season gets into full swing, the lack of transport links at San Javier Airport was exposed with lines of families standing for long periods waiting for the next stage of their journey.

Reports from angry holidaymakers said that taxis were arriving at a rate of only ‘one every ten minutes.’  One user said: “We’re at the beginning of August, the start of the holidays for many, and yet there’s hardly a bus or a taxi in sight.  We feel as if we’ve been waiting here longer than we were on the ‘plane.  This situation should’ve been foreseen.”

Another one of those affected, arriving from London, said that the queue for the taxi was growing throughout the evening and lamented that this was a very bad first image of Spain in general and the local region in particular to present to tourists.

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