Whodunnit in Denia? Sales booth wrecked four times in a week

“NO POINT”: The developer will not replace the glass windows until the vandals are caught Photo credit Edificio Mar Jonica

NEW-BUILD apartment complex Edificio Mar Jonica on the Les Marines road between Denia and Els Poblets has found its sales booth the target of vandalism “up to four times per week” in the past month.

The developer of the complex at kilometre 4.9 out of Denia told the Spanish press: “Bricks have been put through the windows of the sales both up to four times a week in the past month”.

He has already lodged four complaints with the police but the vandalism continues.

It is unclear as to the motivation of the vandals – whether they are simply vandalising the sales booth for the sake of it or if the issue lies deeper an is another expression of the so-called ‘tourismphobia’ that Denia is working so hard to eradicate.

The developer said that from CCTV footage, the vandals have been identified as “young people” who have been carrying out the attacks at around 4.30am when the nightclubs in the Les Fonts area have closed.

He has not replaced the glass in the sales booth windows, claiming there is “no point” until the vandals are caught.

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