Why every woman should see her doctor annually

CHECK-UP: Time to make time for that all-important visit Photo credit: OBGYN

IF you’re like most women, you either lead a busy life in Spain – one that might not have the time to squeeze in a regular check-up with the doctor – or you’re simply so relaxed that you just forget. After all, you feel healthy, so isn’t that enough? The answer is no, it’s not, and it’s time for you to be a well-woman that has no issue with visiting their doctor once a year.

Even if you need to take a trusted translator with you, it’s worth the time and the modest expense to have the chance to monitor your health, get needed screenings if required and just have a general check and chat about your day-to-day lifestyle.

Like any check-up or exam, you should always go prepared. Write down any questions you may have so you make sure to cover anything you are concerned about. When you make the appointment, you may want to ask if you’ll be due for any tests which may include cancer screenings, blood tests, or even a check for sexually transmitted diseases.

Even if you don’t see your doctor, the local clinics will also cover some basics: take your temperature and blood pressure, weigh and measure you

The well-woman visit is one every woman should make time for in her busy schedule. The ability to stay on top of your health with annual checkups is integral to preventive care. If you haven’t considered a well-woman visit to your doctor recently, now’s the time to do it.

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