Woman arrested over fake report of motorbike theft


A WOMAN, aged 36, has been detained by the National Police after filing a false police report saying her motorbike had been stolen to cover for her boyfriend.

The accused’s partner, who has also been arrested, allegedly fled a police check in Northern Malaga while on the vehicle, throwing away a kilo of cocaine which police picked up.

The man’s girlfriend is then said to have gone to a police station and reported her bike stolen in an attempt to deflect blame for the alleged drug trafficking away from her boyfriend.  However, police identified the man as the being the one who had fled the scene and arrested the couple.

The woman was arrested for filing a false report, while her boyfriend was arrested for drug dealing.  In a statement, the National Police also revealed the man was on day leave from prison, which he had secured after falsely claiming he had a job.  Officers found instead the man had been faking employment contracts and payroll receipts, leading to the arrest of three police officers for their part in falsifying documents.

On searching the man’s homes in Torremolinos and Malaga, officers found €2,440, steroids and anabolic substances for cutting with drugs, seven phones and a sword.

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