Costa girl is a World Champion

Costa girl is a World Champion
Victoria Lomax and championship belt Credit:

WHEN Victoria Lomax realized that she had hit 100 kilos, she decided that she needed to lose weight which led to her becoming a two time World Champion.

Victoria who moved to Spain with her parents and brother from the UK 15 years ago decided to exercise with a purpose, so set her sights on becoming involved in the world of K1 which is a form of Japanese kickboxing which allows the use of the knees.

Travelling from her home in La Cala de Mijas (which she now shares with her brother), to the Spartan Gym in Fuengirola, she reduced her weight to 55 kilos and had her first fight five years ago.

Since then, she has turned professional and has won two Spanish K1 titles and two World Championship belts, beating a Mexican girl on the first occasion and then a Scottish girl in December last year, which saw her regain her belt after just two rounds.

Although normal fights cover three two minute rounds, major fights extend to five rounds of either two or three minutes.

Victoria has just returned from Thailand where she was one of 20 competitors (16 boys and 4 girls) chosen to take part in a Dutch produced reality programme where the 20 fighters lived trained and fought together with each of the girls captaining a team.

Due to the terms of the contract, she was unable to reveal to RTN where her team finished but she did admit that it was a great experience and she is looking forward to seeing the programme which will initially appear on a pay to view internet channel and then will be broadcast across Europe.

When asked if she could make a living out of the sport, Victoria was quite frank in her response, saying that she did, but  it depended on the number of fights that she could take in a year and recently things have been a little difficult because of injuries although she is now back to form.

Interestingly, now a Spanish speaker, she went to a British school in Spain and didn’t actually become fluent until she joined the gym and needed to understand the instructions of her long- time trainer Ilve Garcia for whom she has nothing but praise.

Now at the age of 26, she is considering the possibility of switching to boxing which is becoming an increasingly popular sport for professional women and she hopes to move into the Lightweight division boxing at around 59 kilos.

She freely admits that she spends so much time training that she has no time for hobbies but every week likes to go with friends to the cinema to see the latest movies.

As a successful athlete, she is teetotal (alcohol has never attracted her) and her diet consists of natural ingredients based around chicken, rice and fruit.

This quietly spoken and charming young woman likes to do her talking in the ring and hopes that she can look forward to a new career as a boxer.

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