A door in Alicante with no view

BLOCKED: Concatedral de San Nicolás on a quieter day. Photo credit: YouTube

TOURISTS in a part of Alicante have complained that delivery drivers are affecting their ability to take selfies!

Groups of tourists that are keen to take photographs of themselves with the famous door of the Concatedral de San Nicolás in the background find that they have to include a delivery van in the image while it’s unloading.  There are a number of bars and restaurants in the Plaza del Abad Penalva area and there are only a limited number of places where vans and small lorries can drop off their merchandise.

Complaints have also been made by a number of tour guides that the noise of the vans makes them difficult to hear as they explain the history of the iconic building to their groups.

The exact location for the entrance of the Concatedral is in a pedestrian zone, but it’s accepted that vans access the area after removing some of the large plant pots that block the way.  The official place for loading and unloading is only a few metres away – in Calle Miguel Soler – but the space is very small and is currently affected by building works.

Because many of the bars and the restaurants in the vicinity don’t open until 11am, the majority of the delivery drivers arrive after then and until 1pm and there can be, on occasions, a steady stream arriving.  This means that tourists are made to wait to take their pictures without the accompanying vehicles.

One of the local restaurant owners said: “I hope that the City Council doesn’t start to fine the drivers as there are more important problems such as cleaning and pickpockets that need action first. In this area we have also seen rats and I think that is much worse than a few delivery drivers.”

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