A long wait for Murcia

Edificio de Correos y Telégrafos de Murcia
PROTECTED PROPERTY: Edificio de Correos y Telegrafos de Murcia Photo credit turismo espana

THE inauguration of the gastro mercado on Murcia’s calle Correos will be delayed until next summer.

The gastro mercado was originally planned to open in time for the Spring festivals, but the company behind the project – Grupo Orenes – say that there is more work to be done than originally thought.

Pedro Garcia, Director of Grupo Orenes said: “We estimate that works will be completed in May or June, just in time for summer. We want to do the work properly so that modifications are not required thereafter.”

“There are unique elements that need to be preserved.” He added, in reference to the old Post Office building designed by architect Pedro Muguruza – which is protected under the Special Conservation Plan for the Historic Artistic Complex of the City of Murcia.

The traffic on calle Pintor Villacis has not been affected by the works thus far as the main access to the site is located at the rear, as are the loading and unloading bays where the parking lot used to be.

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