A small ceremony…

A small ceremony.
ADIOS: Over 250 turned out to say good bye to the friars and wish them well Photo credit: Benissa Ayuntamiento

OVER 250 people attended what RTN previously reported would be a ‘small’ leaving ceremony for the four friars of the Purissima Concepcio monastery in Benissa last weekend.

The monastery, founded in 1613, closed its doors to the public on Sunday and the friars will move out in the coming weeks.

The closure of the monastery was announced in June by Benissa Town Council – the four friars can no longer maintain the building due to its size and their age.

Benissa Town Council expresses its greatest thanks and very best wishes to the friars.

Likewise, the Provincial Minister of the Franciscans – Juan Carlos Maya expresses his thanks and has confirmed that the monastery will “continue to fulfil its service functions in the face of the town of Benissa and its people.”

Benissa Town Council will hold meetings to decide a future use for the space, linked to Benissa and its history.

The use and management of the monastery will be by municipal partnership under a 10 year agreement.

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