Affluence before Freedom

Affluence before Freedom
"We seem to have lost sight of traditional values and scoff at the simple pleasures that if we open our minds, are all around us. "

WHY has life become so complicated within the thrall of the EU?

How have we learned to make better livings, but not better lives, and why is it that materially, we are constantly dissatisfied and always expect more.

How much is enough?

I look back at old black and white photographs of my parents and remember how happy they were in spite of their constant struggle to maintain a reasonable standard of living, and the ever present worry of losing work days through sickness, or being able to put in sufficient overtime to provide good Christmases and a summer break by the sea.

Of course it is right that we have moved on from those days and that living standards have risen, but there is a happy medium between a comfortable life style and rapacious materialism.  A line in the sand if you will, that has been crossed at the expense of contentment and true happiness.

Perhaps the dictionary definition of poverty needs to be revised:  ‘Thestateorconditionofhavinglittleornomoney,goods,ormeansofsupport.’

Adated description that does not reflectmodern society’s view.

The ‘essential’car in the drive; Sky TV; a new suite of furniture; having a few nights at the pub every week, and puffing through a pack or two of cigarettes every dayetc all are deemed to be everyone’s right, even if it has to be provided by others.

And yet the genuinely helpless and needy are often ignored.

Rights before responsibility – the twenty first century EU inspiredmindset, and the fundamental difference between generations.

And yet although we have added years to our life span, how much real living do we put into those years?

We seem to have lost sight of traditional values and scoff at the simple pleasures that if we open our minds, are all around us.  Pleasures that in effect are denied the very young because the priority is to eliminate childhood as we knew it, and provide them with the perceived high tech essentials and  designed to engender gratitude by way of future votes.

Keeping ourselves in the hands of a clique of unelected and unaccountabledecision makers – often those with dubious pasts –seems therefore to be an acceptable price to pay for an increasing number of people.

But to paraphrase the great American, Benjamin Franklin:

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security, deserve neither and will lose both.

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