Alicante in safe hands

Alicante in safe hands
PREVENTATIVE VIGILANCE: Local police officers in Alicante Photo credit: Twitter

EXPERTS from Alicante’s Guardia Civil gave a training day on jihadist terrorism to 100 local police officers this week.

The two experts have both participated in national and international operations against jihadist terrorism.

The training day was structuted into two presentations: the first discussed the origin and evolution of Jihadist terrorism ‘Alqaeda and Daesh’ and the second discussed the current situation of its threat to Spain.

The Councillor for Security explained that the day has provided local police officers with specialised training “necessary” in relation to the current situation on terrorism in Spain and Alicante.

However, he stressed: “There is no concrete threat to Alicante”, but that it is important “to be alert, coordinated and to exert preventive vigilance” and therefore it is necessary “that the local police officers be as prepared as possible to deal with an attack or a terrorist.”

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