Anti-terror measures tightened in Fuengirola


FUENGIROLA’S mayor has met with officials to discuss tightening anti-terror measures following attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

The meeting, which was attended by a sub delegate from Malaga’s Government, Miguel Briones, Ana Mula, the Mayor of Fuengirola, and high level figures from the National Police, Local Police, Guardia Civil, traffic officers and fire services after the terror alert was placed at Level IV.

Mr Briones explained, “we need to intensify our information work and work on collaboration and coordination among the police forces, for which the support and work of local councils and local police is vital, by implementing new measures and reinforcing emergency plans.”

He added, “areas with the most traffic and large crowds should be reinforced with the installation of more physical barriers, as well as on streets and in tourist areas.”

Ana Mula explained, “we have been holding these meetings from time to time so that there is always coordination between our institution and the different state bodies and security forces.”  She added, “as a result of the events in Barcelona, ​​this Monday we brought together the Local Security Board to put different proposals and possible security measures on the table.”

She said, “obviously, this meeting has highlighted the need for coordination between institutions (CNP, Civil Guard, Local Police, Fire and Traffic), working together, sharing information and, in some way, be able to adopt a series of technical measures to enhance security in the area.”  She added she wanted resident to “know that we are working in a joint and coordinated way and we have also looked at different measures.”

The meeting was convened on the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior and the Bureau of the Anti-Terrorist State Pact after the latest attacks in the city of Barcelona and Cambrils on August 17.

The incidents began at around 5pm on Barcelona’s main tourist street, Las Ramblas, when a white van travelled down the road at high speed, apparently deliberately mowing down pedestrians for around half a kilometre, killing 14 and injuring tens.

At 1am, a second incident took place when a white Audi A3 ploughed into people in the tourist resort of Cambrils, around 68 miles south of Barcelona, injuring six, including one police officer. Following the Cambrils attack, police shot dead four jihadists and injured one.  So-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for both attacks.

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