Ask the Optician – How can I support your charity campaign?

How can I support your charity campaign

UNTIL the end of the year, Specsavers are raising money for the ONCE Foundation for the Deaf-Blind (FOAPS) by offering free comprehensive eye tests and asking patients to donate 1€ to FOAPS after their test. This is our final month to get donations and hit our target, so we wanted to answer your questions about the campaign to help you get involved.

Who are FOAPS?

FOAPS is a charitable organisation formed in 2007 by ONCE, the largest blind charity in Spain, to develop programmes to help deaf-blind people.

What is Deaf-Blindness?

This disability results from the combination of two sensory impairments – visual and hearing, which can manifest in different levels of severity.

How can deaf-blind people communicate?

This depends on the severity of the sight and hearing loss, many people use sign language if their vision is good enough. They can also use tactile sign language, where the deaf-blind person puts their hands over the signer’s hands to feel the shape, movement and location of the signs. FOAPS provide interpreters, who can help the deaf-blind communicate and interact with the world.

What are you fundraising for?

We hope that through our campaign we can raise enough money to fund an extra 400 hours of interpreting.

How can I support the campaign?

Just come into your nearest Specsavers Opticas store for an eye test and donate 1€ before the end of the month.Visit to find your nearest store and book an eye test.


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