Benalmadena regatta

Benalmadena regatta
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TWENTY-TWO sailboats have taken part in a race organised by Benalmadena Marina.

The regatta, which was taking place for the first time since 1997, was won by Viking, a boat based in the marina and captained by Enrique Gonzalez.

The vessel was victorious after two days of sailing in varied weather and sea conditions with winds measuring between 12 and 20 knots and a swell of up to two metres.

The awards ceremony, held yesterday at the Nautical Centre of the Benalmadena Marina, was attended by Manuel J. Jimenez, manager of the Port, accompanied by J.A. Macias, President of the Yacht Club, Nacho Ruiz, director of the Business Development Unit of the Costa del Sol Tourism Board, and Gerardo Gomez, representing BMW Automotor. The group congratulated the participants on the event, describing the race as “successful.”

The first day of racing took place on a 9.9-mile coastal circuit which several of the competitors managed to complete up to four times, covering a total of 39.60 miles. At the end of the first day Viking placed first, followed by Filu and Cabo Negro.

On Sunday, on a course measuring 4 miles and north winds that reached 16 knots, some of the competitors managed to complete the circuit up to 6 times, covering a total of 24 miles in conditions which allowed entrants to perform much as they had the previous day, with Viking coming first in its category again.

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