Benalmadena shopping promotion

Shopping Promotion
€2.3 million overall budget will help businesses fund vital investments Photo credit: Wikimedia

BENALMADENA COUNCIL is holding a meeting to promote its new shopping intitiative, Open Commercial Centre Benalmadena.

The project, which began a decade ago, will allow small businesses to receive up to €70,000 each in grants.

Councillor Javier Carnero, Victor Navas, the mayor of Benalmadena, Víctor Navas, and the president of ACEB, Rosa Maria Gonzalez, reported on the funding, which is hoped will improve the competitiveness of small businesses.

The €2.3 million overall budget will help businesses fund vital investments, including signage, lighting, decking, air conditioning and CCTV systems.

Councillor Carnero explained the move would bring a host of advantages, “such as increased sales and pedestrian traffic in the municipality, improvement of the city centre, and creating a pleasant, safe and accessible environment for consumers and visitors to the municipality.”

Javier Carnero also explained another fund for small businesses had been approved this month from which owners can request aid of up to €21,000 for projects involving digital modernisation and business expansion. The project has a budget of €3.9 million and is available until the end of 2018.

The mayor of Benalmadena praised the Councillor for Commerce, Bernardo Jimenez, for his work, which he said, “has been essential and decisive.”  He also explained the importance of this initiative, “thanks to which we can revitalise and modernise all the commercial spaces in the historical centres of the municipality so they can compete with large areas.”

He added the town hall would always support small businesses, explaining, “we cannot forget that it is one of the main elements that energises our economy, as well as creating jobs.” He added, thanks to the funding, “we will be able to access subsidies lines for new technologies, energy efficiency, customer loyalty resources, management expenses, security, etc.”

There are currently 40 other areas eligible for the funding in Andalucia, of which eight are in Malaga province.  Others are located in Alora, Ronda, Nerja, Malagacity, Antequera, Marbella and Cruz del Humilladero.

Benalmadena’s commercial centre will be formedofseveral central streets, including Avenida Blas Infante, calles Andalucia, Vega, Cuidad de Melilla, Plaza Mayor, Calle Las Flores, Avenida Salvador Vicente, Calle Antonio Garcia, Avenida ImmaculadaConcepcion, Paseo del Generalife, Calle Los Carmenes, Avenida Garcia Lorca, Avenida Constitucion, calles Cauce, San Antonio, Huerta Peralta, Avenida de la Estacion, calles Vicente Aleixandre, Agua, Del Nacimiento, Sol, Luna, FelixSolecio, Plaza de la Tribuna, calles Montserrat, Aragon, Lanzarote, Ana Belen, Pilar, San Telmo, Navarra, Poleo, Hinojo, Galicia, Canarias, Tenerife and Extremadura.

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