Birds, bats and bees to get council homes

REPRODUCTION: Council puts up 30 nesting boxes around town (Stock picture) Photo credit: Pixabay

A TOTAL of 31 wooden nesting boxes have been installed around the municipality of Rojales.  Councillor Inmaculada Chazarra announced the initiative to make it easier for a variety of species of wildlife found in the area to reproduce.

The boxes will be distributed in both urban and agricultural zones which include the large planting fields in the town, along the banks of the River Segura, the Museo de la Huerta and in the town hall.

These new spaces have been especially designed in a selection of sizes to cater for the large variety of birds, bats and insects.  Potter wasps and bees will also be given special status as they combat the regular plagues of insects, help to pollinate plants and benefit local agriculture in general.

Councillor Chazarra said the plan is to add more boxes soon in parks and gardens.

“The wooden living compartments that have been installed can give cover and facilitate reproduction for many animals that are beneficial to human beings and fundamental for maintaining the ecological balance of our surroundings,” she indicated.

She also explained that as many as 30 bats can live in one nesting box and each one is capable of eating 2,000 mosquitoes a day.

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