Brave beach-goer rescues woman in absence of coastguards

Brave beach-goer rescues woman in absence of coastguards
ALL CROWD ROUND: Joe said the woman needed the coastguards, not the police Photo credit Joe McGrath

RTN reader Joe McGrath got in touch to commend the bravery of a man who rescued a woman from the sea off La Fustera Beach in Benissa last Friday.

Joe said the woman “washed some considerable distance out to sea” at around 3.30pm and that the man who rescued her “deserves a medal because he saved her life.”

He described how there was no way of notifying the coastguards at the “abandoned station”, although the police arrived at the scene some time after the woman was rescued – and lost their car keys somewhere on the beach.

An ambulance arrived at the scene and medics stabilised the woman.

Joe said: “It is worth noting that there were some other brave men who swam part of the way to help her and did assist the hero when he had got her within their reach.”

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