Red Cross to rescue as cerebral palsy boy’s wheelchair stolen

Cerebral palsy boy has wheelchair stolen
Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in Alicante provided a new wheelchair

MEMBERS of the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in Alicante gave a new wheelchair to the family of a young boy who had his stolen while in the sea.

Ahmed Yousef, who has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth, came to Alicante with his family to use the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea to aid his therapy. Every day, as the sun is about to do down, the Yousef family went to the main El Postiguet beach to let seven-year-old Ahmed go into the sea and help him move his arms and legs that are paralysed.

This family of Syrian refugees – on holiday from their now permanent home in Germany since 2015 – chose to leave Ahmed’s wheelchair on the nearby promenade rather than put in the sand, and when they returned it had been stolen.  Without any knowledge of Spanish or the city, they were lost in both senses.

Some days later, and still without a wheelchair for Ahmed, they bumped into a young Moroccan man called Yassine who had been working at one of hotels for many years who tried to help them.  Apparently, rather than miss the chance to bathe in the sea, the family had carried Ahmed in their arms from the local bus for three days.  They were left exhausted and didn’t know what to do or who to go to for help.

Yassine approached the Cruz Roja for help and within a very short time were able to supply a wheelchair for Ahmed and his family to use for the rest of their holiday. Ahmed’s father, Omar, said he couldn’t thank the Cruz Roja enough for their generous gesture which enabled his son to continue with his vital therapy.

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