Cerveza Victoria is returning home to Malaga with a new €6 million factory

Local beer brings it home
Cracking one open at the new site Photo Credit: Shutterstock

THE new Cerveza Victoria plant in Malaga was inaugurated yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) following a whopping €6 million investment. The Damm group, who bought the brand back in 2011 from Heineken, gave local business representatives and politicians a first glimpse of the new factory on Avenida Velazquez and answered questions about the venture.

Although Victoria Cerveza continued to be marketed as a Malagan beer, in 1994 the company changed site to Murcia when the original plant on the Guadalhorce estate closed.

The Cerveza Victoria brand was originally founded by Ricardo and Luis Franquelo on September 8, 1928, coinciding with the day of Malaga’s public saint, and became one of the country’s most popular beers in the 60s. It seemed particularly symbolic that nearly 90 year later to the day, the beer’s production returned to its origins.

The factory sits on an area of over 3,300 square meters and has the capacity to produce up to 30,000 litres of beer a day. Forty employees will work at the site across the four areas – fermentation, packaging, distribution and the museum.

After twenty years, the beer’s famous slogan “Malagueña y Exquisita” (Exquisite and Malagan) makes sense once more.

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