Cycle lanes cause continual problems

Cycle lanes cause continual problems

SOMETHING linked to this issue has raised its head every week since the dedicated cycle lanes were opened along the Avenida de Elche…the southern access road from the N-332 into Alicante.

Firstly, it was the speed restriction from 80kph to 50kph that caused traffic jams; then it was the narrower lanes that resulted in a few close scrapes with lorries and buses.  That was followed by complaints that many of the bike riders preferred to use the main road rather than the special and newly opened lanes and restricted overtaking manoeuvres.  Now it’s the amount of occasions that vehicles have hit the low wall that separates the main carriageway from the cycle lanes.

As one driver who had to take their car for repair commented, “you do not expect it. You are driving along a straight road and suddenly, when you hit the bike lane, you’re forced to make a quick turn.  It’s worse at night because there’s no lighting.”

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