Diving tourism shows no signs of sinking

Diving facilities available along the coastal region of Murcia enjoying the boom

MORE tourists are using the diving facilities available along the coastal region of Murcia.

The popularity of the pastime to discover some of the beauty hidden under the local part of the Mediterranean is growing year after year, so much so that it’s predicted to rise by 10 per cent this season.

President of the local business association, Daniel Martinez, puts much of the increase down to the amount of foreign visitors looking to try out a new skill or looking to add this area of Spain to their list of diving experiences.  Almost 24 per cent of divers come from the UK, France, Germany, Holland, and the Nordic countries.  The rest come from Murcia, Madrid, Valencia, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León and Andalucía.

Diving is a growing enterprise in the region with 25 authorised centres employing 400 people and a further 2,000 indirect jobs rely on the activity.  Further job creation in the sector is predicted as the popularity grows.

It’s estimated that every diver spends around €120 per day that goes not only in the pockets of the diving business owners but to those in local hotels, bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

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