Dog escapes death after poisoning

Dog escapes death after poisoning
Dog escapes death after poisoning

An RTN reader was left concerned after her dog was poisoned in the mountainous area near Castell de Castells.

The reader and her dog joined their regular dog-walking group – who meet in the area most weeks – and set off along the main track.

Coming off the main track, at an area where shepherds graze their goats and sheep (there are approximately eight bath tubs in this area to provide water for the animals), she noticed her dog had something in its mouth.

Before the reader could take it from the dog, it gulped it down and ran off.

The group continued on their walk but some 30 minutes later it was clear something was wrong – the dog became disoriented and fell over, quivering.

The dog’s tongue was blue and its eyes were rigid.

The worried reader called for help but luckily, the dog was sick almost immediately.

In the pool of sick was what looked like a sizeable chunk of chorizo, which is what she believes the dog gulped down.

The reader took the dog straight to the vets who treated the dog for ‘intoxicacion’ (poisoning).

Whilst there is no immediate proof, she believes the chorizo to have been poisoned and the vet said that, if this is the case, the dog was lucky to have gulped it down as the poison would have entered its bloodstream quicker had it have chewed it.

Please take note and be careful if you are walking your dogs in this area.

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