Dog steals the show… and why not?

Dog steals the show
BIG MATEO: The star of International Dog Day Photo credit: Margaret McCabe

THERE was something rather appropriate that the event celebrating International Dog Day in Zenia Boulevard should be stolen by a dog!   Not just any dog, but a 69kg, 18 month old St. Bernard. 

Ana, Alcampo’s departmental manager for pet supplies came into the store on her day off and brought Mateo, her St. Bernard, to support the event.  What an absolute star he turned out to be.  A perfect gentle giant, he let everyone make a fuss of him, and he must have been the most photographed dog in Spain on that day.  The only regret of the team was that they should have charged a euro for a photo opportunity with him; they would’ve made a small fortune.

Visitors to the Boulevard were just as supportive of the APAH animal charity as they had been in February and everyone who stopped to say hi to Mateo showed interest and support for the work that the charity does.  At the end of the day, over €200 in cash donations and a further similar amount in pet food had been given over by the generous customers.

The team of APAH were delighted with the outcome, but it was about to get better. The Alcampo store and Purina – one of the biggest pet food manufacturers – had been in contact with each other and due to the amount of help given to APAH by Alcampo, the company also offered to make their own donation to the charity.

They were as good as their word as a pallet-load of cat and dog food arrived from them within days. It was such a generous gesture for which the organisers couldn’t be more appreciative, just as they were blown away with everyone who took part on the day itself to make it such a successful event.

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