Don’t poo-poo this Torrevieja clean-up campaign

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Dog Training Part 2

MAYOR of Torrevieja, Jose Manuel Dolón, has asked the local police to be more vigilant of people not cleaning up after their dogs.

Dolón has emphasised that by-laws exist stating that basic hygiene must be maintained in the city and that dog owners have an obligation to clean up excrement left by their dogs on pavements and other areas.  Wherever possible, owners must ensure that if their dogs are going to foul the highway, it must be in the road close to the kerb and as near to a drain as possible.  Even so, any remains must be cleared away and either taken home or deposited in appropriate receptacles.

The mayor has reiterated that this order will be more fully enforced once the summer season has ended and September begins, bearing in mind local police have extra tasks during the tourist season.

During the announcement of this crackdown, the mayor said that during 2016 a “shameful” number of only eight penalties were issued which he considers bears no reflection on the actual state of some of the streets.

Any dog owner allowing their pet to foul the footway and fails to clear up afterwards can be fined anything from €90 to €1,500.

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  1. Wonderful, I hope other areas follow suit, I am so tired of dodging dog poo! San Luis and the paths around the Pink Salt Lake are a total disgrace!

    And rubbish removal is an issue too! There is so much litter and people drive into the field next to the lake to dump all sorts of rubbish!


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