Drunk and disorderly in Malaga

Drunk and disorderly
Drunk and disorderly

AN intoxicated man was arrested after reportedly threatening and assaulting police.

The 55-year-old was found sprawled on a pavement in Malaga City Centre, apparently reeking strongly of alcohol and cannabis.

Officers approached the man and requested documentation but received no answer.

The man had a bumbag attached to him and one of the officers decided to look in it to see if there was any form of identification or information regarding healthcare.

Upon this closer inspection the seemingly inebriated manallegedly sprung to life, punching the policeman in the groin and seizing him by the neck until the other officer was forced to intervene and help restrain the man.

Following a search, police found the man to be in possession of a large piece of hashish as well as a pipe that contained remnants of marijuana.

During transfer to the health centre, the man reportedly claimed to be a social worker and made threats to the officers that he would find out where they live and destroy the lives of their children.

After seeing a doctor, he was detained and taken to holding cells pending further investigation.

Both officers were treated by medical staff for injuries incurred during the altercation.

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