Elche steps up campaign against gender violence

Domestic violence
COMMITTED TO CHANGE: Elche’s Department of Equality budget has increased by almost 900 per cent Photo credit Pixabay

ELCHE joined the Valencian Pact against Gender Violence this week.

As Mayor Carlos Gonzalez signed the pact in Valencia’s Centre del Carme, he said: “This step furthers the commitment of the municipality to fight against all forms of violence against women in all its aspects.”
He said that: “Since we started our campaign against gender violence, the Department of Equality’s budget has increased from €5,000 to €84,000.”

The budget has been allocated to the organisation of workshops, one-to-one sessions with victims of violence and counselling services at the Casa de la Dona on the Plaza de Barcelona.

Elche has also collaborated in drafting the clauses of the pact, which has so far been signed by a total of 63 institutions, political parties and social entities.

“These are 293 measures divided into five strategic lines, such as guaranteeing a free and secure society against gender violence, feminising society, working with victims of gender violence and educating children to ensure this type of violence is conceived as a political conflict” said Elche’s Councillor of Equality Teresa Macia.
“Today we have taken an important step towards a more just and egalitarian society. We are in full harmony with the measures set out in pact.” concluded Gonzalez.

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