Exhibition showcases integration of people with disabilities

Exhibition showcases integration of people with disabilities
THROUGH THE EYES OF THE SPECTATOR: The exhibition aims to sensitise society Photo credit Denia Ayuntamiento

The exhibition ‘VI5IONES’arrived in Denia this week, showcasing the integration of people with disabilities into the workplace.

Denia’s Councillor of Culture and Education Rafael Carrio and Councillor of Social Welfare Cristina Morera opened the exhibition in the Casa de Cultura.

The exhibition showcases a series of 15 photographs and aims to bring spectators closer to the day-to-day lives of people with disabilities by showing their capabilities in a variety of working environments.

Denia is the fourth stop for the exhibition – created by Fundacion SIFU – after visiting Alicante, Elche and Valencia.

Photographers Quim Puig and Romuald Gallofre were commended by the town’s councillors for “perfectly capturing the protagonists, inviting the spectator to enter their daily life and to discover a disability that, in most cases, is invisible.”

VI5IONES began its tour in Mataro (Barcelona) in August 2015. Since then, the exhibition has passed successfully by a score of cities throughout the country, arriving in the Valencian Community last March.

In addition to breaking the prejudices associated with disability, V15IONES aims to perform an x-ray of the labour market of each of the communities through which it passes.

6 per cent of the population of Valencia has some kind of disability, that is, a total of 302,288 people, of whom 156,200 are of working age.

In this context, the unemployment rate is 34.3. In 2015, 21,873 contracts were registered for people with disabilities in the Valencian Community, with 60.72 per cent of contracts for men and 39.28 per cent for women.

By age groups, workers aged between 25 and 45 took 55.04 per cent of contracts, those over 45 years old 39.12 per cent and those under 25 years old only 5.8 per cent.

Through actions such as the VI5IONES exhibition, Fundacion SIFU aims to sensitise society to achieve greater workplace integration and social inclusion of people with disabilities.

The exhibition closes on Sunday (September 24).

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