Fiestas cause major traffic and parking issues

Fiestas cause major traffic and parking issues
CARTAGENA: All change for car parking during festivals. Photo credit: Pixabay

AHEAD of the major Carthaginians and Romans festivals getting underway today (Friday), the local police announced a series of security measures aimed at ensuring the 10 day spectacular passes of without incident.

Most of these concern significant restrictions on parking and diversions of traffic, and from now until September 24 only authorised vehicles will be allowed to enter the dedicated festival areas.  Any other vehicles will be totally prohibited.

Parking adjacent to the Cartagonova Stadium will also not be permitted in the afternoons at any time after 4.30pm except at the weekends and on Friday September 22.  These restrictions do not apply to mobility scooters, emergency vehicles or taxis.

Alternative parking will be available in the area behind the stadium, in the Eroski supermarket car park and in the underground areas on Alameda de San Antón and Plaza de España.

Drivers have also been advised that on September 15, 21, 22 and 23 they will not be able to park on Puerta de Madrid, Plaza de España, Alameda de San Antón, Calle Soldado Rosique and the Cartagonova bridge after 2pm.  Police have advised that any cars left in the restricted zones will be removed and taken the car depository.

General arrangements for vehicles loading and unloading in the town will also be affected.

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