Fire extinguishers thrown from high-rise block in Cartagena

DENT: Car damaged by dropped fire extinguisher from on high. Photo credit: Guardia Civil

THREE CHILDREN have been arrested after allegedly being involved in episodes of vandalism in Cartagena.

The incident occurred last month when two fire extinguishers were believed to have been thrown from the ninth floor of a building in the Urbanisation Playa Honda and caused considerable damage to vehicles in the car park below.  Residents raised the alarm after being disturbed by the noise the impact made, with many rushing outside thinking it was some kind of explosion.  They then discovered the fire extinguishers that had been crushed by the fall and saw a large dent on the roof of one of the parked vehicles.

Police immediately begun their investigations and suspicions fell on a group of three young children who lived in the neighbourhood and had earlier been spotted wandering the area committing some minor vandalism, which included letting off fire extinguishers.

Guardia Civil officers eventually identified the suspects and although all three were on the landing at the time of the incident, it appears that only one person threw the extinguishers into the car park below.  Officers were keen to point out that when the extinguishers were thrown from the landing, there would’ve been no way the youths would know if anyone was down below at the time, as the ledge was five feet high and impossible to see over.

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