Five natural ways to make your home smell amazing

Five natural ways to make your home smell amazing
Use essential oils to create a great-smelling decoration.

THERE´S something about a clean, fresh-smelling home that feels a little like heaven, but most of us also don’t want to go to town on harsh chemicals to keep it that way. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your home smell amazing naturally and many of them include things you likely already have around the house.

Not only does a good-smelling house feel cleaner, but the right aromas can also affect our moods and sense of calm. A 2009 study published on found that teens who received aromatherapy were significantly less stressed than those who received a placebo, indicating that it could be a very effective treatment for stress management.

Essential oils on pine cones
Use essential oils and pine cones to create a pretty, great-smelling decoration.Just add a few drops of essential oils, like lavender or cinnamon to pine cones and arrange them in a basket. You only need one to two drops of oil per pine cone and you can easily move the basket from room-to-room if desired.

Oranges and cinnamon in water
Simmer water in a pot on your stove and then add orange slices and a few tablespoons of cinnamon or cinnamon sticks. Turn off the heat and just let the pot sit on your stove; a delicious scent will emanate throughout your kitchen and into other rooms in your house.

Essential oil room spray

Replace harsh chemical air fresheners with an essential oil spritz. All you need to do is add three or four drops of your favourite essential oil to about a cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake before use and you’re ready to go. You can spray it in the air, on fabric items such as pillows, a comforter, or even your sofa.

Cotton buds and oil
It’s time for more essential oils! In this super simple trick, just dab each end of a cotton bud into your favourite oil and hide it in the toilet paper roll in your bathroom. You’ll have a nice-scented, super space-efficient air freshener. Don’t be afraid to use more than one cotton bud if a stronger scent is desired.

Baking soda jars
Baking soda jars work anywhere in your home, as well as in your car. Just poke holes in a small mason jar lid and add 1/2 cup baking soda and four to six drops of essential oil to the jar. Cap it and place wherever you want your house to smell fresh. You can also use cloth and a rubber band if you don’t have a jar cap – refresh every few weeks with four to six drops of new oil.

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