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DANCE academies from Fuengirola have been chosen to perform the proclamation at this year’s Feria del Rosario on October 6.

The proclamation- a live performance marking the beginning of a feria- will take place in the Palacio de la Paz and kicks of the Costa del Sol’s largest horse fair which continues until October 12.

Ana Mula, the town’s Mayor, explained, “in January we met with the groups to suggest they get involved and they were very excited.  They have been working for months to create a proclamation which I’m sure will surprise us all.  It will be unique, meangingful and exciting, and above all I’m sure very artistic.”

Participating in the fair will be the Alicia Iranzo, Juani Guerrero, Juan Antonio Perez “Azabache” and Loli Romero de Chasse academies, as well as Marina Fernandez from Baila Conmigo and the Municipal Dance Group.

Asked about the performance, Juani Guerrero said, “we can’t say anything because we want it to be a surprise.  Each of us has contributed our ideas and we want it to be a bit different so I want to take the opportunity to invite everyone to attend.”

Alicia Iranzo explained, “it has a super special meaning, because I am going to be performing next to my colleagues,” adding, “as well as bringing together lots of different ideas because we each have a different style, we have all become friends.”

Loli Romero de Chasse explained the performance could bring together tens of people on stage, saying, “it could be that as some point we have more than 40 people on stage.  We have planned it so that it we be new and different.”

Head of the Municipal Dance Group, Mari Trini, concluded, “this has been hectic because I was planning to take a few years off but my son has told me it’s time to get involved again.   I am now back and doing what I love and have been doing since I was three.”

The free event begins at 9.30pm on Friday October 6 before the event continues for six days, attracting horse riders and flamenco dancers to the streets of Fuengirola.

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