Fuengirola’s baby joy!

Golden Cheeked Gibbon
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE is not the only one with baby news this week after Fuengirola’s Bioparc has proudly announced the birth of a golden-cheeked gibbon, the first of its kind in Spain.

The animal, which is native to Vietnam, is so-called as their young are born with a blonde coat as camouflage to blend in with their mother’s fur.  When the animals reach sexual maturity at around three-years-old, the coat of males turns black while females briefly grow dark fur before returning to blonde.

The baby- whose sex is as yet undetermined- is expected to spend the first six months of its life clinging to its mother high up in the park’s trees and accompanied by Den, its father.

According to the park, the animal is healthy and the mother and baby are said to be bonding with the infant already clinging to its mother’s fur.

Bioparc, which has a sister zoo in Valencia, sees different species of animals living together, as they would in their natural habitat.  The attraction is divided into four sections, Africa, Madagascar Island, Southeast Asia and Indo-Pacific, with panthers, meercats, Komodo dragons and Galapagos tortoises all on display.

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