Fuengirola’s trial by fire

Fuengirola´s trial by fire
THE COUNCIL in Fuengirola has approved plans for a self-service vehicle for the fire service.

THE COUNCIL in Fuengirola has approved plans to investup to 1,536,437 on a self-service vehicle for the fire service.

The town’s Mayor, Ana Mula, said the council had been working with members of the fire prevention team on the vehicle’s technical specifications.  She explained, “this is very important news, especially for our firefighters who have been asking for an automated ladder for some time as there are very few in the province. It is a major challenge.”

The new vehicle will have very specific characteristics, including a four-part automatic escalator, the last of which will be articulated, measuring a total of 30 metres, and equipment for extinguishing fires, exploration of buildings and rescue. Once the tender is complete, the winning company will be given a year to supply the vehicle.

Mayor Mula commented, “it is an investment which will significantly improve the services we provide, although hopefully the automatic ladder will never be needed as that would mean a significant fire at a great height.”She added, “we have a great fire team and now we will be able to add a truck designed by the firefighters themselves.”

The news comes after Fuengirola prepare to hand back a firehouse it had been using from some years to Mijas Council.

Fuengirola Council has said it will hand it over within the month following protracted legal wrangling. Mijas’ Mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, commented, “the station is set to return to the arms of Mijas, which it should never have left.”

The dispute looked set to reach eviction proceedings until Ana Mula wrote to her Mijas counterpart, saying her council would vacate the building, which is located in Mijas.

Fuengirola’s firefighters had been using the building for several years but have since built one within their own municipality, prompting Mijas Council to ask for the site back, even resorting to legal threats.  According to media reports, Mijas’ request “was denied by former mayor and now Partido Popular member, Esperanza Oña, and by the current mayor, Ana Mula.”

Fuengirola Council took the issue to court, requesting the building be gifted as payment for €4.5 million worth of services its says have been provided by its firemen.  The court sided with Mijas Council, stating nothing was owed to Fuengirola Council and it did not make sense for Fuengirola’s firefighters to remain in a building not belonging to the council.

Mijas Council says it made numerous written and verbal requests to Ana Mula, asking her to vacate the building, sending a formal request on September 14, 2016, saying it wanted the building back within a month.

Four months later, Ana Mula wrote back saying she would return the building but claiming she and Mayor Maldonado have “different interpretations” of the ruling, since it “does not contain any order imposing the building’s return and does not determine the legal status of the property,” adding the ruling only dealt with a “cost claim” between the two councils.

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