Hate crime plan

Hate crime plan
Mijas town hall: organised the talks

MIJAS COUNCIL has organised an event to teach local police about dealing with hate crimes.

The course was designed to“improve the knowledge and treatment of people who suffer from these types of crimes and teach the state security forces how to deal with them,” according to the council.

The mayor for Equality, Mari Carmen Carmona explainedthe initiative, which is particularly aimed at crimes against theLGTBIQ community, was created in collaboration with the Andalucian Rainbow Federation, whose president, Gonzalo Serrano, was in charge of teaching the classes.

Councillor Carmona explained, “it is essential to train police or state security forces, as they see hate crimes and discrimination, which is what we will focus on.  The Department of Equality is placing special emphasis on the LGTBIQ community because it is most affected by these cases.”

The course taught officers to identify hate crime, learn about which laws regulate these crimes, famous cases, and how to deal with the situation. Gonzalo Serrano explained, “society has changed over the years, and it is much more respectful but it is true that there are still some people who are not. We need to learn to treat people according to how they identify, not what their birth certificate says, because transsexuals feel a particular gender and there are protocols for that we have to follow.”

Mijas Council also aims to create a database revealing the statistics of hate crimes in the municipality.  Councillor Carmona explained, “we want to know how to act in every situation and for that we need to know how many cases we have in Mijas, and thus improve.”

The council points out most victims of hate crimes for not report the offence for fear the police will not help.  It explained it hopes the course will allow this perception to change.

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