Homes of the rich and famous

Homes of the rich and famous
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SECOND HOMES in Marbella are the most expensive in Andalucia, it has been revealed.

According to a study by Fotocasa, the average price per square metre of a second house in Marbella is €2,583, while the Spanish average is €1,707.97 per square metre.

Beatriz Toribio, an employee at Fotocasa, explained, “the housing market is registering levels of activity that we have not seen for ten years as a result of improvement in the economy and employment, as well as a return of confidence in the sector. As a result of all this, prices are rising, although they do so at a very different rate according to the area of ​​the country.”

She claimed though that despite large growth in sales, mortgages and house prices, the real estate sector is growing at levels much lower than in its heyday with Andalucia remaining the ninth most economical place to buy a house in Spain.

Marbella’s glamour attracted a wave of burglaries this summer when police were forced to bring down a criminal group accused of burgling more than 20 houses in the area.

The gang, who were forcing their way into homes, were brought to justice after police identified three members, arresting two Algerian men, aged 22 and 41, for robbery using force, car theft, crimes against road safety and assaulting a police officer.  The investigation remains open as officers try to find the third member.

The police have now recovered several of the stolen items and returned them to their owners after beginning their investigation in July when a spate of burglaries in which jewellery, money, handbags and glasses were stolen, was reported in residential areas of Marbella.

Police say the gang each had a specific role, including a look-out, with others forcing entry into the properties. On being found, officers say one of the gang tried to run over an agent.

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