Horoscopes – 15 September 2017

Horoscopes - 15 September 2017

If It’s Your Birthday This Week:   Time was when you were unable to see clearly your way ahead. Now things are getting better, it is time to allow fate to see you safely through an Astrological year of change and re-adjustment.

Aries:  Mercury comes to the rescue this week, as spreading the word really does help things along. Conjuncting with Mars at the start of a busy week, Mercury inspires you with the skill of saying the right thing at the right time; thus making everybody happy and relieving you of some of the onus of responsibility too!

Taurus:  Call it telepathy, but this week you finally hear a message that is being sent to you subtly, and yet you receive it loud and clear. Others are somewhat afraid of asking you something directly, as a straitforward approach wouldalways be your preference. See if you can kill two birds with one stone right now, and have an end of all this!

Gemini:  Mercury is in opposition to Neptune this week. You are sorely tempted to spill the beans, because what you know and keep secret, greatly affects somebody you have developed much respect for. Hard to keep silent, but do you really want to be the bearer of bad news? Sadly, you won’t get any thanks if you stick your neck out right now.

Cancer:   The Full Corn Moon is imminent, and it is time to harvest that which you have sown and nurtured. This week, however, centres on the New Moon which heralds a week of activity and preparation. The entry of Venus brings a fresh outlook on life in general, and is the spur that sees you tackling domestic issues hands on, with tenderness.

Leo:  Favourable aspects of both Saturn and Neptune bring a new aspect to the Venus sextile of Jupiter this week. Generally bringing good fortune, ease and comfort to thetable, you are in the right frame of mind to evaluate the current situation and make magic, as you are so enabled to do. Making a difference to others is high on the agenda!

Virgo:  Venus enters this week. Love is all around and especially in your acts of good intention, which serve to have an influential effect just where they are needed rightnow. Making the difference and lending your support embraces all the positive actions that you generally do so well, whilst highlighting whatever now needs to come next

Libra:  Ceres squares up to Uranus this week, thus expanding the need for innovation and change within your own personal parameters. Ceres sets the standard and emphasises subtly the timetable involved in this call for change. Uranus remains in place to see that you take on that which you now need to do, regardless of your past.

Scorpio:  The conjunction with Mars sees you leaping to defend, as ever protecting those who have problems supporting themselves. Mercury spreads the message, very strongly, that you are determined this time, and not to be messed with; not now that you have a bee in your bonnet, and there is work to do. You get the backing you need too

Sagittarius:  Somebody appears to have lost the plot. They are certainly not supporting you this time around, or appreciating that you have gone out on a limb just to smooth things over. You are in an ebullient mood, and nothing should be raining on your parade; but at least now you know exactly just who your real friends really are!

Capricorn:  Congratulations for having a stab at what you have to deal with right now. This is a time to get your life back in order, especially since for you there are some new openings out there in the horizon. You are very much a creature of habit, just that the same old, same old, is what is really preventing you from moving on right now.

Aquarius:  It seems that you take a step forward and then a couple of steps back. Progress is what is needed and it is painfully slow. Emphasise your priorities this week and start to ask for just what it is you really need right now. Times have changed, you have changed, but until you see things differently there will be a few hurdles to jump over!

Pisces:  Neptune is overshadowed by the current Mercury opposition, and yet this Cosmic process has led to you taking stock, as you are inching towards the many changes that need to come to bring you some much needed peace of mind. Something you dread will not be as bad as it seems when it comes to it, and may just work for you!



Kenny, I am getting strange feelings in my home. It is a new build so it can’t have any ghosts of the past, but the energies do seem to be changing all around me!

                                                                        Carmen P.D.

Carmen, you can experience the energies of the past even in a newly built home. It depends greatly on what was on the land before your home was built. You are probably also tuning into energies that you were unable to access before. This suggests that your own powers of perception are also increasing. It may help to wash the floors of the house with a bunch of fresh mint steeped into a bucket of cold water overnight. Sprinkle a line of salt across all entrances of the home too. Walk barefoot and declare that this is your home and that nothing is going to change that! Then let me know how you do, and I will give you further instructions should they be needed!

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