Horoscopes – 1st September 2017

Horoscopes - 1st September 2017

Aries:   Mars trines with Uranus this weekend, bringing some intrigue into your most recent decisions. For some reason you are in fighting mood as you open doors and go to places that you have never been, with a view of making some long overdue changes to your life. Do not be angry with what comes your way, but do see what you have been missing!

Taurus:   Opposites attract this week. As both Uranus and Mercury make a beeline to Mars, your opposing sign of Scorpio is reflecting your negative energies and sending you back to where you should be right now. Do not worry if this brings on an unsettling feeling; you have to experience things and start to see them the way that others seem to be seeing.

Gemini:  Mercury sends out a very strong message on your behalf that you are not to be messed with. A delicate situation has been avoided by your innermost good intention and application. Having saved the day, now Mercury is in conjunction with Mars to ensure you a very smooth way through for a well deserved month of blissful fun to come!

Cancer:   You have started and so too must you finish. It is time to put much behind you, but that will not stop you from having the very last say on the matter. Just as somebody leaves your friendship this week, so somebody steps up, as an acquaintance pulls out all the stops and shows their utmost support and loyalty to you. Ceres squares on Kora to boot!

Leo:  The Mercury ingress steps up levels of communication and deservedly promotes you and what you are doing right now. This is a good time to be centre stage as workwise you find yourself stepping into somebody else’s shoes and doing the very best that you can too. Relationships may have been strained lately, now you can find a way of making amends!

Virgo:   The entry of Mars sets the cat amongst the pigeons but also sorts the men from the boys too! An affair of the heart has brought you some sleepless nights, but fear as such cannot live in a healthy body. Taking a step forward is the thing to do, as the portents across the Cosmos back you and all that you do right now. In the end though, you choose!

Libra:  As Venus directs towards Pluto and all seems to be lost, remember that your idealistic ways are brought about by calm and peace. In your opposing sign there is activity not matched by the sheer power of your passivity; and your contribution of silent power is much needed now to get a good result. Have your way, because you know you have won

Scorpio:   A wonderful week in which many a niggling problem is shared, halved or disappears from the agenda. You are so right to stick up for yourself, but you have a uniquely psychic way of dealing with problems in a spiritual, hands on way. Ready for confrontation and fuelled by emotion, someone will get their comeuppance very soon!

Sagittarius:  Although you are opposite to Gemini you both have more in common than other opposing signs do. This is due to you both being mutable signs bringing compatability. Adapting to changes brought about this week is the name of the game, and you could make this very easy or play on making it difficult for all those who are truly concerned.

Capricorn:  Taking risks and getting a lucky chance are very much fuel for your fire this week, as a green light sees you making a very swift decision based on the issues concerned. Though you can see things from both angles, this is a time to unite, and what is needed is a strong defence, brought about by care and consideration, for all domestic matters of care.

Aquarius:  There is no turning back the clock, and what has gone has gone, and cannot be brought back. Silence now on your behalf will be seen as very negative behaviour, so have your say and be dammed. Send out that strong message that you strongly disapprove of recent events, but that you are the very best shoulder to cry on when the time comes. It will!

Pisces:  A double whammy links your planetary leader, Neptune with the Sun in opposition, and a brief midweek encounter with Venus. This ammunition supports a recently applied for permit and will be the start of the changes that you make that will help you financially in the months ahead. Play the waiting game, but expect the good results you need.


If It’s Your Birthday This Week:

Stop waiting for things to happen and be a part of what’s going on right now. Missed opportunities are down to an inability to hold back on fear; and fuelled by your coming to terms with just what it is that you really want from the Cosmos right now!



Kenny, what does it really mean if you dream of a death? I am dreaming that I am at the graveside but I do not know who is being buried and I wake still asking why I am there?!

                                                                           Paula J.K.(sms)

No worries Paula! To dream of a death is to dream of a birth in the family. You will not be present at the birth however, that is why you cannot see who died in your dream! Welcome a new family member, and worry not, this dream also tells me that all will go very well. Stop worrying!

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