Horoscopes – 22 September 2017

Horoscopes - 22 September
Horoscopes - 22 September

If It’s Your Birthday This Week:    See how determination and strength have empowered you. Indeed the Cosmos rewards best those who are exploring their own inner energies. The Astrological year ahead is set to work with you, not for you!


Aries:   Mercury brushes by Uranus and the combined weight of these mighty planets sees you through a week of challenges and changes. This time around, however, you seem to have made it clear that your opinion will be a part of the process. Let others do the running around this time, and be there when you have to, to pick up the pieces!

Taurus:   Let go of worries this week! Mercury squares up to Saturn and this signifies that somebody is trying to dictate to you right now. Your anxiety is based on the anticipation of something to come, and you are fearing failure as a result. Use your considerable gifts to steer you in another direction because it is time to look all around.

Gemini:  Pluto is associated, always, with destiny and the forces of attraction. This week, actions with Mercury provide the backdrop for a positive and inspiring use of your resourcefulness and talents. A secret may have been told, but you embrace everything this week with a pinch of salt; especially since you, alone, know the absolute truth!

Cancer:  Unsure whether you should be out there doing some, long overdue, crafty nipping, or retreating within the confines of your protective shell! Under the circumstances make no decisions until Jupiter opposes Uranus at the very end of the week. Resentment may make you a very cruel enemy, but then, if you start something you see it through

Leo: As the Sun enters into Libra, it is time to establish balance and timbre over a situation which begs to veer totally out of control. Your strong leadership provides all the answers, though in this current case it may put the cat amongst the pigeons too. Time things were sorted! You have a reckless courage, but you never do fight unfairly!

Virgo:   Famous for hard work and inspiring energies, both should be hand in hand this week. However, you have to separate the essential from the trivial to allow you to tune into some constructive criticism. Nothing remotely shoddy for you! Mercury sets a time for something that will allow you to remind others that you are not to be messed with!

Libra:   The entry of the Sun brings some stability to the overt Cosmic workings right now. It is the direct and sheer love power of Venus that brings you the charm and the grace you need; but this week actions with Neptune allow you to see that you are a little off track. This opposition begs you not to give in to your unconscious desires.

Scorpio:  Having joint rulers such as Mars and Pluto bring you powerful energies. However, Uranus, known for the sudden release of energy when needed, is exalted in Scorpio. Focus comes down to money as Mars opposes Neptune midweek. Take stock of all financial matters before the Uranus opposition to Jupiter, whatever you do!

Sagittarius: Ever hopeful, you always seem to get the very best results when you deal with people. They are attracted to your honesty and straight forward attitude; but you are no fool either! Take time this week to make a decision that cuts both ways. Give and take means just that, so cut some slack right now, and see what dividends this will bring you

Capricorn:  Mercury squares on Saturn midweek, and this is the opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. With much needed channels of communication open and ready for action, the only input needed is your permission. You will never take a step backwards, but just sometimes you run before you walk, and this just isn’t possible right now!

Aquarius:  The Jupiter opposition to Uranus sees you turning your back on something. You knew that one day you would have to walk away, but you had no idea that this was imminent. Make no promises that you are unable to fulfill, but be practical and keep all options open; since now is not the best time to make decisions, just sit tight!

Pisces:  Mars opposes Neptune, and the immediate danger of this opposition is on an emotional level. Mentally empowered planets such as Mercury, Uranus or Saturn are not able to support either Mars or Neptune on this occasion; and your true desires and highly psychic powers are not able to be checked by any conscious reasonings.



 Kenny, I lost my Son last year, and I am dreading the anniversary of the accident which killed him. I do not know what to do to pass him a message that I miss him so much!

                                                                            Betty K.

Betty, I am sorry for your loss. It never seems right to have a parent bury their child, whatever the circumstances are. As the day you are dreading comes, take the opportunity to remember all those good times that you had together. Since the Spirit World to Earth is a two way street do not show your Son anything but your strength and your love for him. That will allow him to see that you are moving on, getting on with life. He will not want to see you in tears or in great distress, over something that he is powerless to intervene with. When I pass I do not want any memorials or any tears please! Death is the beginning of life, not the end of it. Have a quiet cry to yourself and smile to help your Son on this his greatest journey.

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