Horoscopes – 29 September 2017

Horoscopes 29th September

If it’s your birthday this week:

The Cosmos bids you to respond to a recent request, and not to dismiss it before you have given it at least a thought. Change this year is heralded by your strong connection with fate and destiny, as these elements combine to see you lovingly protected in the months ahead.

Aries: Friends have taken good care of you, as late, and their value to you is unmeasurable. Take time to celebrate with them, and to catch up with what has been going on in their lives too. Aspects all across the Cosmos emphasise your current needs and what exactly has to be swept away to bring back balance and inspiration to your everyday life.

Taurus: The Venus trine with Pluto shows an intensity of emotions coming to the fore right now, and leading you to the highest forms of love. Indicating spiritual regeneration through love and destiny, this focus emphasises a closer relationship as the reality and power of love are in balance and good harmony.  True love at first sight is never wrong!

Gemini:  Staying silent right now is the very worst thing that you can do. Not only do inner energies tell you to err on the side of caution, but they are also helping you to come to terms with a better understanding of who you really are.Balance this with the chance to share those innermost feelings you keep, silently trapped within you!

Cancer:  Mercury’s sextile with Ceres governs the basic routine that you have become a part of. You like the tried and tested, but sometimes the best fruit is up there on the highest branch. This week is all about being given a chance to prove yourself. When the going gets tough then the tough get going, and you are no exception to the rule!

Leo:  Make hay while the Sun shines. You need financial advice at the moment, and the Cosmos focusses on your taking a risk; but knowing full well that ifthe current deal is for real, then you cannot go wrong. Delaying will not help you in anyway whatsoever, but stalling may very well allow you to put your money where your mouth really is!

Virgo: Wrapping you in cotton wool has had a soporific effect on your abundant energies and strong focus for the future. If plans are delayed and that green light seems further away, then accept that you have to strike when the time is right, and that that may not be right now. Others are full of good ideas, but you don’t have to listen to them.

Libra:  The entry of Mercury may set tongues wagging, but that is what you both want and need right now. It is not what they are saying that has any importance, it is who they are talking about, and that’s you! Rather than telling them to mind their own business, use this wisely as a tool to get just what it is that you really do want right now!

Scorpio:  Mars trines Pluto, and willpower will be sorely tested this week. Stamina and strong application have brought about changes of the most positive nature, and you are about to be rewarded for using, to good advantage, both your foresight and your intuitive powers of discernment to make adifference that really does show!

Sagittarius:  Rather than admit defeat, remember that you acted in good faith and that there were no ulterior motives. Better to be known for what you did rather than what you didn’t do! Pluto connects with Mars this week and this adds complications to what comes next. Be careful who you trust this time, and keep everything under your hat!

Capricorn:   Astrologically you are adynamic leader, and a true inspiration to anyone who knows you. You like to be able to say yes, but that’s not always possible. Say a definite no to a recent request because there is more there than meets the eye. You keep your emotions on a tight rein but you need to know too, that you are appreciated!

Aquarius:  The Venus conjunction with Mars allows you to express freely your emotions, and better explains your recent decision to move on. Above all you have to know that you are not running away, although pastures green are appealing to you right now; and for very good reason. Be unafraid to be confrontational over a matter of the heart!

Pisces:  A new decision is not final, but you have to take a stab at it to see if it’s what you really do want right now. Somethings got to give. Time to ask the Cosmos for the protection and care that you yourself need right now, and have every right to have. The times they are a changing, and you have to move to work together now to enable this!



Kenny, why do some seem to stay in the Spirit World, and why do others move on?

Cait P.

Hi Cait! The Spirit World is a holding station for all those who are admitted after having lived at least one life here on Earth. From this vantage point, once you have come to terms with your Earthly life, you will be faced with a choice. To remain and work in communication between all souls enabling the contactable connection for The Spirit World with Earth. Or to opt to be reborn as an Old Soul or plan your reincarnation. Thirdly you may return to Earth in soul form to assist others who are in need of spiritual assistance, in the form of a Spiritual Guide. One of these three will be the reason that not all choose to inhabit the Spirit World at any given time!

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