Horoscopes – 8 September 2017

Horoscopes - 8th September 2017

Aries:     Strong psychic energies are abounding as the Sun trines with Pluto at the weekend. Your intuition and a heightened awareness is preparing you for something, and may be testing your faith in the interim. Look within to see that you are being guided for some reason, and be unafraid to step up to whatever it is that now inevitably comes along.

Taurus:  Venus trines with a brooding Saturn and a conciliating Kora. The time is right to make amends anyway that you can, but you still have to stand your ground because you are not to blame for recent events. In hindsight you would never have got involved, but since you are implicated it is time to settle things down, once and for all, and walk away

Gemini:  There was never a time like the present. Fortune and blessings abound as Jupiter opposes Kora, standing up for what you hold dear and giving the long awaited green light on a project that is motivated by your good intentions. Whilst there are somethings still in the balance Mercury opens up the floodgates and ensures that all is very well.

Cancer:  With the New Full Corn Moon approaching, it would be wise to reap the benefits that are within reach, and grab your piece of the pie! There is something to be said for starting to care for yourself; because your own specific wants, needs and desires need to be fulfilled. You will make the much needed moves you need to in good time, in your time!

Leo:  Saturn is a wise and sage teacher; and in this role is very preoccupied with lessons that the past brings and the karma this may indirectly bring up to you. It rules with an iron rod the Tenth and Eleventh houses bringing you discipline now to get a job done, and both the authority and temerity to be able to fully promote it anyway you see fit.

Virgo:  Mercury enters, and breaks a silence that you have used to shield you from aspects right now that immediately need your attention. Fear is a four letter word, but your lack of trust in yourself has blocked you somewhat and it is time to get back to where you belong. Whilst you’ll enjoy making up for lost time, someone very special comes into your life!

Libra:  Venus dallies with Pluto midweek. Though your best intentions are foremost, Pluto is inspirational in regenerating and making fresh starts. You are not running away right now, but you should be moving on! Yes, all this makes you stronger but wiser, and that’s just what Pluto offers you; the power to succeed, even with regard to your wildest dreams!

Scorpio: A great time to be sociable with friends. You have had other priorities and have been preoccupied with things as of late, but now is a time to celebrate those bridges crossed with those people who want to be a part of your every success. Venus passes briefly by Pluto right at the start of this week, bringing you focus, and much love from all around!

Sagittarius:  The Sun squares on Saturn, bringing timbre to plans you are currently making. Your patience and coordination are key leadership skills, and what is needed now is a coming together to ensure that recent events are never eve repeated; and respect is restored to all involved. However, the leopard never ever changes his spots!

Capricorn:  Much water has passed under the bridge, but there are those who would let bygones be bygones, and those who feel that they have to have their say. As Mercury enters Virgo and Saturn squares with the Sun, there comes a time to be thankful for even small mercies, and to try to better understand those who would bring conflicts to your door!

Aquarius:  Watch finances as a windfall is tempting you to splash out! Save money for the unexpected expenses that seem to be coming your way right now. Mercury moves onward towards Mars with a view to oppose Neptune, and splashing the cash is not an option for you right now. Be mindful that everyone should be paying their way too!

Pisces:   Taking control is somewhat of an anathema to you, but there is nobody else to step up right now. Saving the day seems to be the most positive thing you can do, and it shows others just what you are capable of doing; as well as also surprising even yourself! You are more than you think you are, and you are about to find this out big time!


If It’s Your Birthday This Week

Waiting for the right time mean that important priorities may never happen. Be more in the flow of things as this astrological year brings you a strong focus on domestic issues and the solving of problems previously running way out of control!



Kenny, my family think I am crazy but I am starting to feel that there is a ghost in my house. I find myself looking over my shoulder, and shivering even on a recently hot night. My senses seem to be picking up on something, but what? I get no support from my family either.

                                                                          Kay P.



Hi Kay. Energies are attracted to houses, especially if there are spiritual believers living there. Most houses have had a story before you lived in them, and spirits can lie dormant for years. Negative energies like poltergeists are attracted to adolescences and like to cause trouble whenever they can; whereas positive energy can be very attracted to someone who is opening to their spirituality, as I feel that you are. I would have to come to see the house before giving you a full report. No ghost belongs on this Earth and they should be moved on, which I can also help you with. Meanwhile do not worry, there seems as if there is nothing bad to deal with in your home, but I am here to support you if you need me to!

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